Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thunderstrukk interviews no. 3 Tanya Olayla (me)

Tell us about the beginning of ThunderstrukkIt started with blackout, we (Kara, Scarlett, Esmee and Tanya) were in the ICT room and we began singing and made up a parody of we are never ever getting back together but it was about us. We then became friends with Twilight and we decided to let her join, we then discovered that blackout was already a band name so we changed it. What problems have you had with boys over the years?I had a problem with a horrid guy in year 6. He played me like mega. I had this fight with a girl about him and he had to choose between us, he chose her. I cried in the bathroom for ages. I went round my friends house the next night, they lived next-door to each other, and he said that he chose me. The next day at school he threw ants eggs down my shirt. Then he said he still liked me then he blanked me and i hated him from that day on. I then came to high school and got my awesome boyfriend! then he dumped me. My advice to anyone who has been dumped is try not to think about it, it gets better. He then asked me out again and reading that text was the best 20 seconds of my life. I’ve had a lot of problems with boys, every crush adds another heart break and another protective layer around your heart but you’ve just got to accept that life is a bumpy ride and your going to fall occasionally and it’s going to hurt but you just have to get up, say “i’m ok” and put on a brave face because even if you’re not okay, sometimes it’s best to hide it behind a smile.What advice would you give to a girl who wants to ask out a boy?I think if you like a guy you should ask him out before you like him a lot because then if he says no it doesn’t hurt and you can move on. Make sure you allow yourself to move on though, don’t sit there pining away for him, find someone who wants you. What would you say the thing you hate the most is?I hate it when people lie. I can tell a liar a mile off and i hate it when people cant see that they sound like idiots when they’re lying. Reading a lie is even worse because its so obvious. I also hate braggers. I hate people who brag about how much money they have, if they have money thats their business if they don't, thats also their business and quite frankly, i don't care about how much money they have because its not my business. 
Quick fire questions:
Favourite Colour:
Light blue, Fuchsia
Favourite animal:
Dog, rat, parrot, elephant, goat.
Corrie or Eastenders?Corrie, but i do like Eastenders.
Curled or Crimped?Curled
America or Australia?
Youtube or Vimeo?
Twitter or google+
Both. Cant decide
Google hangout or skype?
again, a hard one. Hangout for friends and Skype for family

Thunderstrukk interviews - no. 2 Twilight Rout

This is Twila, the last member to join Thunderstrukk! Twila brought a lot of joy to the band and TESMEE got the opportunity to interview her!
Why did you join Thunderstrukk?
Cos they are my BFFs and I wanted to be in a band with them guys
What problems have you had with boys over the years?
My mates wanted me to hug them and I ended up going off them for no reason
What advice would you give to a girl who wants to ask out a boy?
Decide if your really like him then ask your fiends to ask him out or ask him out yourself
What would you say the thing you hate the most is?
Spiders! Deffo
Quick fire: 
Favourite colour:
Turquoise, imagine the sea with a light under it
Favourite animal:
Corrie or eastenders?
Neither, don't watch them
Curled or crimped?
America or Australia?
YouTube or Vimeo?
Twitter or google+
Google +
Google hangout or Skype?
Hangout cos I don't have Skype

Thank you Twila, the interview is over

Thunderstrukk interviews - no.1 Esmee Shie

This is Esmee Shie, one of the first members of Thunderstrukk! One out of two from TESMEE
How did Thunderstrukk begin?
We decided we wanted Twila in blackout and renamed it
What advice would you give to a girl who wants to ask a boy out?
If you're not a confident girl ask them out by text but if you are, talk to them in person
What would you say the thing you hate most is?
I hate it when a person tells a secret that you trust them to keep

Quick fire: 
What's your favourite colour? 
What's your favourite animal?
Coronation Street or Eastenders?
None, I don't watch any
Curled or crimped?
America or Australia? 
America, no offence Australian people
YouTube or Vimeo?
Never been on Vimeo so youtube
Twitter or google+
Google hangout or Skype?

Thank you for talking to us today 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

High school glitz

High school glitz is my new perfume! It's inspired by bullies actually. It's there to make girls feel strong and like they can into another world when they wear this perfume. It's magical and it totally relates to me! The advert will be on youtube soon and btw it's not actually selling in any shops it's just fun!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tanyas creative work - all about

Tanya's Creative Work is my new blog. It's my writing. At the moment it has the preface and chapter 1 of my new (and first) book called Lying Cheating Skank. If you have any questions please email tanyaolaylamusic@gmail.com and i will answer your questions about the book. i will also include a FAQ once i have got 10 questions so please send them in!! also please send in questions to thunderstrukkband@gmail.com about our band (check out thunderstrukkofficial.blogspot.com) and your name will be in our first Q&A vid. this is the most important as we need as many questions as possible so that we can create our vid. please comment below also if you have any questions. Thankyou so much

From Tanya Olayla